Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HoLt Menzies: an overview

An excerpt from Life Through a 55mm Lens.
“It was in my younger days traveling the back roads of the southern Congo that I first met Joanne and Will Menzies, two former members of the Peace Corps who decided that Uncle Sam didn’t have anything more to offer and just decided to make their own way. Though it would be their son Holt who would ultimately captivate this old writer. Joanne loving as she might be, let young Holt wander into a township. He returned that evening with three deep cuts on his left shoulder (he never did say what they came from), those scars would unite us again some 13 years later.
When he was 8 his parents were killed by rebels, Holt was taken captive his only possessions a 35mm Pentax camera and a 55mm lens. The photos he took in the intervening years were breathtaking if not depressing beyond measure. In a market in Kinshasa I spied a young man with a camera draped from his neck and three scars on his left shoulder. I asked for his name but it was a formality I already knew. After he and I spent several months visiting the locations across the Congo where he had lived Holt Moved to North Carolina and enrolled at Appalachian State University and joined th Psychology department. He hopes to continue his work as a documentary photographer outside of college.”

-Martina Bennett

Joking I was born in D.C. and have spent the better part of my days in N.C. After College I do want to pursue a career as a Photojournalist

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